Baby Quilts

Baby Quilt

It is a delight to sew baby quilts. So much love in every stitch. So many products are launched every other day just for our ease and comfort. For a baby who has yet to come in this world, there are so much for them to enjoy in this world. From toys to delicious baby food, from baby carriages to colorful baby clothes, but there is no match to a soft pink or blue pastel colored baby quilting embroidery kit. These baby quilting embroidery kits come in so many designs and so many varied forms. They are available in numerous color schemes and embroidery patterns over the quilt.


These baby quilting embroidery kits are widely available, in super stores, in markets, in craft stores, online and on home delivery orders. Usually I do make my own quilting patterns for all type of quilts but for your ease and convenience I especially went to look around for some to sew baby quilts. There are so many options available that even I was bewildered for a moment. It is next to impossible for me to state all the available quilts in the market. It is better if I get you an option to look for what you want, right there sitting in your room. You can access the stated websites to make sure what you are looking around.

Baby quilts are so wonderful to make. I always keep a smile on my face whenever I am making one. I still remember when I made one for the first time, when my son was born I was super excited to make a perfect blue quilt.

But it was so painful for me that he never felt comfortable in that, and after that I realized I concentrated more on the look rather than thinking about the comfort of the child, so then I looked for what I did wrong. Now every time anybody talks of baby quilting I always give a few related quilting tips to them, here they are:

1. It should be made of pure materials preferably cotton. Even if synthetic material is used in piecing, do not forget to use soft cotton for lining, as baby skin is sensitive and synthetic fabric can cause allergies.

2. Do not use fabrics as denim and ragged clothes.

3. Use fast colors and tough fabric as it needs frequent washing.

4. Make certain there are no loose threads or strings - even a short one can wrap around a baby's finger.

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES THAT ARE REQUIRED: (For more info refer Tools & Equipment for Beginner Quilting)

· Standard sewing machine

· Iron

· Sewing needles

· Rotary cutter

· Rotary ruler

· Cutting mat

· Pins- beaded head

· Needles

· Fabrics in four colors or four shades.

· Quilt batting

· Spray starch

· Pattern for baby quilt


Block quilts are the most basic quilts, hence they are also the easiest to make. Baby quilts look great in block quilt patterns, though they look equally great with the appliqué patterns but here I’ll teach you a baby block quilt and will tell you how to make and sew wonderful baby quilt as easy as ABC in no time!!!

1) Preparing the fabric :

Prewash the fabrics separately. Make sure that colors are fast and the fabrics don’t shrink. Now dry the fabric completely and iron it afterwards with adding the spray starch to fabric. The fabric should be completely dry and firm without wrinkles.

2) Cutting of fabric :

Now place the fabrics in form of a pile, one over another on the place mat. Now take the ruler and cut 2”X2” pieces with the help of rotary cutter. Cut as many pieces as you want depending upon the size of the quilt.

3) Making a Block :

Now stitch them together to form a big square, the Block. Now sew all the pieces to form the same blocks.

4) Piecing :

Now sew all the blocks to each other until you get the desired size of the quilt.

5) Batting :

Place the chosen batting material above the piecing. The top of the piecing should be facing the mat and the stitched side should get along the batting. Now place the lining fabric over it.

6) Quilting :

Now you have to stitch all three layers to each other with the help of the sewing machine. You can add quilting patterns but for a beginner it is advisable to stitch around the basic blocks, all over the quilt.

7) Binding :

Now bind all the sides with a piece of the fabric. You're done!

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