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Transforming your Hobby into a Quilting Business

Home Quilting Business

Have you ever considered starting a profitable quilting business?

If you enjoy quilting there are many avenues to consider in turning it into a profitable home business. If you are talented and motivated you could turn a hobby you love into a career you love. We have some ideas to get you started.

Your first step should be to determine which part of the quilting process do you enjoy that you would like to share with others. Do you have skills and equipment to make or finish quilts for others? Do you have a passion for teaching and sharing your knowledge? Do you dream of owning your own store and finding fabrics and patterns to share with others? Or would you be more suited to an online business? Many of these options you can do part time in addition to your regular job until they become a full time income.

Machine Quilting Business

A machine quilting business would be perfect to start as a part time home business. With the right equipment and skills you could advertise your services locally to quilters to finish their quilts with a quilting machine. As your reputation grows, you could expand your services to full time. In addition to finishing quilts you could custom make quilts, often charging up to $300 plus supplies for an average sized quilt. You could check with local gift shops in your area to sell your work or go to craft fairs with a few samples and take orders for quilts there.


If your passion is teaching and sharing your knowledge, you could easily start a part-time business offering quilting classes. You could teach beginner classes, offering to help make a simple project all the way to advanced techniques. A great place to get started would be to offer the classes to a few friends for free in exchange for their feedback on how to improve your classes. Then approach local quilt shops or your community education office about offering your classes, they often will advertise for you for free and possibly even have space available for you.

Owning a Quilt Shop

If you want a full time business owning your own quilt shop could be perfect for you. Of course going full time, buying inventory, leasing or buying a building has many more risks, it also has much greater rewards. Before undertaking such a venture you should have some business experience or take business classes at your local college. Owning your own store could be very diversified, as you could sell fabrics, patterns and notions, offer classes, finish quilts, in fact the possiblities are endless; you would just need to pick which aspect of quilting you like best and you could always expand from there.

Online Business

An online business is a great way to start out part time at home with a quilting business. You can use your writing skills to share your passion of quilting with others. You could also teach classes online, write an ebook or start an online quilt shop selling supplies. An online business is perfect for a stay at home mom or someone who is working full time, who wants an extra income, to work at home and set their own hours. In time as your website gets more well know and traffic grows it could become a full time income.

This website was built at home, part time using Solo Build It (SBI). SBI is an easy to use program to build a website. In fact anyone with basic computer skills could do it. It has noting to do with get rich quick shemes, in fact it is just the opposite - building a real business, with a real income.

So as you can see there are many ways to share your passion and start a quilting business. It will take hard work and dedication but the rewards will be great - such as the satisfaction and pride that you did it on your own.

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