Quilting Templates

Quilting templates are a valuable tool for precision cutting of quilt fabric. They are also reusable. The crafting field is recently experiencing a period of popularization and due to the increased interest, people are more attracted to quilting than ever and manufacturers are doing their best to advance quilting technologies.

Quilting templates are especially useful in cutting blocks and it is becoming easier and easier; these templates are usually designed from clear, resistant acrylics. Templates are usually fitted with a number of things to ensure quilters aren't inconvenienced. They have a seam line and additional markings and the templates themselves are cut by lasers so that no imprecision can exist when measuring the templates.

Remember that you will also need a mat and rotary cutter, so that you can cut through different layers at a time. Before the introduction on the market of rotary cutters and templates, quilters were forced to use raw force, scissors and paper patterns to cut fabrics in the same way dressmakers used to cut patterns. For those wanting to cut block pieces when cutting while also adhering to the exact measurements was especially difficult.

You have to ensure exact measurements because precision is an important skill in quilting. Since you have to make sure the pieces will fit in together, quilters from the past had a hard time matching the pieces together. Templates have now relieved this hassle from modern quilters.

Templates come in different shapes and sizes. Every regular shape has a form and the most simple forms are quadratic, circular or rectangular forms therefore you need to begin with this. Specific quilt blocks come with specific templates. To give an example.

If you want a quilt made for a wedding, you could chose the Double Wedding Ring styles and with its its specific templates for the pattern. Or you have a birth to celebrate for the ones close to you then you could make a quilt with the help of a template that resembles an airplane. To conclude, the options out there are limitless.

Novice quilters would best begin with basic shapes, like circles, squares or rectangles. Just place the ironed fabrics on the mat, then put the acrylic template on it and after that, hold it and cut the edges to give the fabric an even look with the rotary cutter. After you begin to master this technique, you will be able to cut different layers of fabric simultaneously; with templates, you can now dedicate only a couple of hours to cutting the pieces for the quilting blocks. After that, begin sewing and quilting at a much faster rate.

Make sure you learn of the advantages of using quilting templates to ensure your crafting projects will be at the height of your expectations.

How to Make Quilting Templates

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