Quilting Stencils

Introduction for Using Quilting Stencils

Quilting stencils bring a unique style to quilting. Those not accustomed to using stencils in quilting will have a hard time figuring out their use. After all, an analysis of a quilt wouldn't immediately reveal itself to the unsuspecting eye and thus give an explanation for what stencils are meant to do.

Now for some explanation on the matter, stencils are frequently used in quilting and technical advancements have made these tools useful for quilting. Stencils used resemble those made for point and also have a similar look. They are made of a resistant plastic material and are punched with holes.

Whereas painting stencils are encompassed in decorative elements, quilting stencils are used to follow a certain pattern and help with stitching. Stencils enable quilters to copy complex patterns tops and then work on them. Thus, it is possible to follow strictly the pattern of a design and then stitch it. You may or may not be skilled at drawing but either way with stencils, you can make sure you follow your design by stitching to the stenciled design and thus, avoid errors.

There are a lot of companies which manufacture stencils and the other tools you will need to work on them. There is a variegated offer of designs from traditional floral motives to contemporary, enticing designs. You could browse through the Internet for some displays or visit a specialized shop to make an informed idea of how quilting stencils could help you.

Quilting stencils represent an easy to work with tool. To copy the design you could use chalk or some pens that dissolve in water. It is highly important to run a test with water soluble pens before actually stating to work so that you ensure your fabric will not be damaged by the pen to test it; just put the quilting stencils on the top of the fabrics and carefully follow the pattern. After some working, you will obtain a stitching pattern for later use, without too much of a hassle.

Since the most original quilting work is not here but in the work done for the quilt top and the other parts, you shouldn't rely solely on transferring the pattern. One thing to keep in mind is to ensure the pattern isn't fitted with too much by leaving a small space of half an inch in the drawing. Or you could use a smaller design and copy it on the fabric while still leaving some free space around the design.

To conclude with quilting, stencils represent useful tools in helping the crafter do his work. Quilters belonging to previous generations would be amazed at how much things have progressed in quilting. Therefore, if you want some help in quilting, you will find that stencils represent a wonderful alternative. And you would also end up saving time for other activities.

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