How To Make a Block Quilt For Beginners

Free Block Quilting Instructions

Block Quilt

Quilting is a craft that is fun to do and is usable as well. Imagine how good you will feel when you can wrap around yourself with the quilt of your choice, your favorite colors and the texture of fabric you like the most. There's no happiness greater than the one to use one's own handmade product.

Think of how proud you will be to make something that is completely handmade. But still quilters like us are lucky enough to make such wonderful handmade quilts though with the help of sewing machines. For beginners who are willing to take on our responsibility in keeping the craft alive, step by step education is very important and should not be skipped.

A quilt can be a simple and easy one or it can be more intricate and detailed, which is obviously for the advanced quilters. Beginners usually ask us which one is the simplest quilt? And the answer is. The basic block quilt. And the second question that escapes from their lips is "How to make block quilt for beginners?"

And its answer is not in three words. A whole book can be written over this issue. But right now I'm giving a basic outline to make sure that beginners can at least take a step forward towards the completion of the project.

TOOLS AND SUPPLIES THAT ARE REQUIRED: (For more info refer Tools & Equipment for Beginner Quilting)

• Standard sewing machine

• Iron

• Sewing needles - Universal size 12

• Rotary cutter

• Rotary ruler

• Cutting mat

• Pins- beaded head

• Needles

• Fabrics in four colors or four shades.

• Quilt batting

• Spray starch

• Pattern for block quilt


A block quilt is a simply designed quilt. The basic pattern is of the one block and then it is joined together repetitively till the required size is achieved. The Block is the basic unit of the quilt pattern. Given below are the basic steps for a beginner to make an easy Block quilt.

1) Preparing the fabric: Prewash the fabrics separately. Make sure that colors are fast and the fabrics don't shrink. Now dry the fabric completely and iron it afterwards with adding the spray starch to fabric. The fabric should be completely dry and firm without wrinkles.

2) Cutting of fabric: Now place the fabrics in form of a pile, one over another on the place mat. Now take the ruler and cut 2"X2" pieces with the help of rotary cutter. Cut as many pieces as you want depending upon the size of the quilt.

3) Making a Block: Now stitch them together to form a big square, the Block. Now sew all the pieces to form the same blocks.

4) Piecing: Now sew all the blocks to each other until you get the desired size of the quilt.

5) Batting: Place the chosen batting material above the piecing. The top of the piecing should be facing the mat and the stitched side should get along the batting. Now place the lining fabric over it.

6) Quilting: Now you have to stitch all three layers to each other with the help of the sewing machine. You can add quilting patterns but for a beginner it is advisable to stitch around the basic blocks, all over the quilt.

7) Binding: Now bind all the sides with a piece of the fabric.

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