Quilting Tools and Equipment List For Beginners

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Quilting is a technical craft that requires specialized quilting tools. For the beginners it might be a little more difficult as compared to those who have laid their hands on this craft for ages. Quilting might be listed as one of the crafts which really need a handful of supplies and equipment before getting started. There are so many tools available that anyone can easily be confused.

A whole list is available for quilting tools, few of them which are very necessary for every quilter either a beginner or an advanced one are detailed over here. Look around in the house and you might find a few of these quilting tools right in your house.


According to your project, go for the desired fabric choice. Choose wisely for the right fabric type, right color scheme and right texture. You will also need the cloth for the underlining and if wanted a single ¼” layer of batting for inner filling. Make sure the fabric you chose has fast colors and is prewashed, dried and ironed completely before cutting.


A sewing machine is an important quilting tool. You do not need an intricate, extraordinary sewing machine for the simple stitching which quilting requires. You can even make a quilt on your grandma’s machine but it should be in working condition. All you need to confirm is that the sewing machine can stitch ¼” seam allowance, which is the standard quilting stitch.

3. IRON:

An iron and an ironing board are necessary quilting tools as all the fabric pieces require ironing before cutting.


Before starting any project, a pattern or the basic guideline is of utmost importance. If you are beginner than choose a simple and traditional quilting pattern. Advanced quilters can even opt for picture quilt patterns. You can find these patterns in pattern books, pattern generators and online patterns.


A rotary cutter can make quilting much easier. Rotary cutters are available in various sizes, shapes, brands and cutting blade types. Go to the nearest craft store and check for available rotary cutters. You can even order online but it is better to choose after trying it as it will tell you which one gives you firm grip and sits best with your hand.


Rotary mat makes the cutting procedure easier as you may not be worried to damage the underlying surface. Try buying 24" x 36" mat if possible.


An ideal rotary ruler for quilting is the one which is transparent and is 6" x 24". Rotary rulers make the cutting easier for the quilter and cutting can be done in no time.


You will need a fabric and paper scissors, and a small scissors for cutting threads is nice. Cutting paper with a fabric scissors will quickly dull the blades. Stainless steel scissors with rubber grips is idyllic. Just make sure it is sharp enough to cut any type of cloth.


Generally cotton threads are preferred on any other thread type because of their durability and fast colors. Moreover cotton threads are available in every possible shade of colors, so try buying cotton threads.


Who is born perfect? No one. We all make mistakes and hence people have created things to cover up for such mistakes. This is the reason that even seam rippers have such a wide range available. Get a seam ripper with ultra fine head to cover the things nicely.


A sewing project without needles and pins? Impossible. Get a few needles with variations as you might need different needles for different approaches. Pins are another essential part of the equipment. Go for the ones with those colorful beaded heads. They are easier to pick up and easier to see, you don't want to leave a stray pin in your project.

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