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More recently, the art of quilting has become popular again, with many enthusiasts swarming to begin quilting, therefore the success of the industry nowadays has lead to a widened display of quilting patterns available on the market. A momentary browse through the Internet or a visit to the bookstore will reveal countless numbers of publication and information on quilting, together with guidelines and tips for the beginning quilter. Some may be confused by this deluge of information and therefore not know what type of quilting suits them.

Interestingly enough, ancient generations didn't find much use with quilting patterns as they have today. In pioneer or colonial periods, quilting only served as a practical utility, because the women sewn together quilting blocks from scraps of clothes and arranged the tiny scraps in a fashion that was pleasing to the eye. Ideas for new quilting patterns were exchanged during social gatherings or quilting bees and thus, what became a practical idea has now taken the shape of art. Patterns like the Bridal Wreath, Lone Star or the Log Cabin have been traditionally used by quilters, but their beauty hasn’t diminished at all. Directions on how to create the patterns were written down but then, quilting no longer was a regular activity and people abandoned their quilts in attics to dedicate their time to other activities.

Since then, however, quilting became popular again, with new generations discovering the unknown pleasure of quilting and become hungry for patterns. People such as adventurous quilters may depart from the traditional style and forge in a style of their own, while others would want to diligently learn the techniques of quilting and then get on with their work.

There are many options available, with patterns being displayed online free of charge as well as patterns being offered in the market. Individual patterns are also created to suit different block, so if you know exactly what pattern you will be making then you could buy one of these patterns, follow the detailed directions on them and thus learn how to construct a particular pattern. The direction is thoroughly explained and easy to follow and the pattern could also come with some techniques and strategies you may not have not before.

Another place to go looking for patterns is the local bookstore or library, where you will surely find countless books written on the subject of quilting. These books may prove of peculiar help for those who haven't yet made a decision what they want exactly to do. These books have general directions for all types of quilting therefore you will be able to assess which style you would like more. To learn about the basics of the quilting art, there is, thus, no need to spend a lot of money on buying quilting patterns, because you will determine beforehand what is best for you.

Finally, you should start with an open mind and don't let yourself down because quilting seems so daunting to you. With little documentation beforehand and the will to start on quilting, you will without a doubt enjoy this pleasurable activity.

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