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How does one find the best quilting books?

For those just stepping in the world of quilting or already accomplished professionals in this art, many informative quilting books exist on the topic, making sure you are advancing in your knowledge. These books cater to different needs and are organized in different categories. These include the how-to do books, encyclopedias, historical accounts, art books on quilting and books telling about the advantages of quilting, you need to determine which are the best books for quilting for you.

How To Books

How-to books seem to be the most popular these days, especially for the novices in the field, because they give beginners practical advice on what and when to to. Such books discuss the overall basics of quilting and describe every action in minute details, while others may discuss one particular aspect and enlarge upon it, talking about the tools you would need, the instructions to sew block and make quilt crown or even instruction on how to quilt manually or with the help of the sewing machine. A quilting lover who respects himself or herself would have several quilting books in their library to browse through them whenever additional information is needed, because the books would be readily available as a source of information.

Quilting Encylopedias

Other types of quilting books include the pattern encyclopedia which displays information on a great number of patterns and techniques to obtain them. Quilt block patterns are displayed and the afferent techniques to obtaining them are also available. Since the encyclopedias have to cover a large quantity of information, the information presented doesn't go into details a lot. Because there are numerous techniques and quilting patterns, the information quantity is preferred to the depth of the knowledge presents. Therefore, books falling under this category may explain in depth a certain pattern and devote the entire space to it.

History of Quilts

Since quilting originates from America, it benefits from a rich American history spread throughout the centuries. This is what is mainly documented in historical quilting books. They contain the testimony of the past in quilting and how it has evolved through the years. The materials and the fabrics available back then are entirely different to what is used today; therefore you could enjoy a simple, relaxing and informative lecture browsing through the history of quilting. Some also include patterns, so if you enjoy history this could be very entertaining to you.

Other books discuss the pleasures of the social aspects of quilting or where solitary pursuits of the art have led to. Also, an entire segment of historical books discuss the things that can have transformed quilting into art and document in thorough detail the artistic exhibits inside museums or galleries. These books also consider quilters to be artists and therefore inquire about what has made them design such a creation and the inspiration behind it. Even quilt collectors seem to publish their own books and talk about their own experiences. As a consequence, it seems that the quilting art has inspired a lot of people into sharing their experiences.

How to Find the Best Quilting Books

One possible solution when you could spend the time needed to select the best books for quilting that will make your quilting library would be to devote some hours to book hunting and looking for specialized literature in various sources. Visit the library, a bookstore or browse through the Internet and make an idea of the books you would want to buy. Then browse through them, study the content and reduce the number of quilting books to a select few of them. Obviously, your budget probably won't allow you to buy all the books you want to, but learn to prioritize and select, at least for the moment the ones you really need and then make a waiting list for the others which you will purchase in the near future.

After all, finding quilting books to enjoy, study and read would make an enjoyable activity and one that you will certainly find satisfying.

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The best source for quilting information, patterns and instructions.