How To Make a Bargello Quilt

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Bargello Quilt

Bargello quilts are a treat for the eyes. The phrase "A thing of beauty is a joy forever" do comes right for all the quilts, but Bargello quilts seem to fit accurately on this phrase. Easy to make and an ultimate treasure to have. Bargello quilts are a bonus for the beginners in quilting, as it is easy to learn as it produces great results. It is helpful to know how to use a rotary cutter along the ruler and of course you should know how to sew; specifically ¼" seam stitch. Now let's see how you can make your first Bargello quilt over the coming weekend.

MATERIALS REQUIRED: (For more info refer Tools & Equipment for Beginner Quilting)

• Standard sewing machine

• Iron

• Sewing needles - Universal size 12

• Rotary cutter

• Rotary ruler

• Cutting mat

• Pins- beaded head

• Needles

• Fabrics in seven colors or shades ( you can combine plain with printed here)

• Fabric for binding borders.

• Quilt batting

• Spray starch

• Pattern for Bargello quilt


1. It is better to play safe. So choose fabrics in one color family. Too many colors will be good for children but for adults they look over done. Use cotton preferably. Binding clothe should be of a contrasting color to enhance the borders. Prewash, dry and iron with starch application.

2. Clearly observe the quilting pattern, do not go for too much difficulties and details. Try choosing a simple wave pattern. I'll tell you how to make a basic wave pattern. You can even generate your own pattern on quilting soft wares.

3. All strips are cut 3-1/2-inches by the width of the fabric, from selvedge to selvedge. Place the fabric with the fold towards you and cut 2-1 /2 strips of each fabric. Beginners should cut one fabric at time.

4. Stitch the fabric strips together, using a 1/4-inch seam allowance and 15 stitches to the inch. So that you'll get 3" wide strips at the end. Now press the fabric so that stitched seams sit well in place and fabric should not be irregular.

5. Now it's time to cut the strips. Lay the fabric on the flat cutting mat. Now measure 3" and cut the strip in such a way that you get strips with color blocks. It is the easier way instead of cutting all the fabric squares and then joining them to each other.

6. Now place them on the design board in such a way that the same fabric square of the second strip is one square below the first one. Repeat this till five strips and now place the sixth strip on the same level, seven one square higher than the sixth one. Now place strips till ten with increasing order. Therefore now you have 1-5 rows in descending order, 5-6 on same plane and 7-10 in the increasing order. Here is your first wave. Now repeat for as many as you want.

7. Now sew the strips in place. Here's your piecing. Now apply batting and then the fabric back pack (lining). Once all the layers are in order, do quilting over the quilt, around each square to make the layers stay in place. Now trim the irregular borders and apple binding neatly all around the fabric.

And here you are, and now you know how to make a bargello quilt. Believe it or not you can even make it within a day.

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