Beginner Quiting

For any beginner quilting, the selection of the quilting pattern and the design is of most importance. The right choice of pattern can make any project excel over the top. Quilting is a very immense craft. There are dozens of beginner quilting styles to hundreds of quilt patterns available.

The main fun for a beginner is in the creation of the design; the rest of the stitching is just completion of the fun that is started. Initially beginning quilters should try making prefabricated patterns for quilts and when the person gets into quilting more, creating your own design with a personal touch becomes easier. There are few types of quilts that are extensively used all over the world.

Quilt Styles


Bargello Quilts are colorful and a good choice for the beginner. Bargello quilts are made up of patterns like waves, whirls, peaks, valley, pomegranate and loops. Bargello patterns are very easy to find. There are various books and websites designated for this type only.


Yoyo Quilts were more famous in 1930’s and 1940’s. They have come into limelight again. Yoyos are small rosettes made up of cotton preferably. These rosettes are made by gathering and stitching quilting fabric into a circle. These rosettes are then joined to each other to form a certain pattern.


Appliqué Quilt can be easy or difficult both, depending upon the pattern. Various fabrics and cloth patterns can be used to conglobulate, which can result as an eye-catching piece.


There are certain patterns available to make the ideal picture Quilt. Picture quilts are more like mosaic patterns. Small pieces of fabrics are joined together to complete a bigger picture, hence named “the picture quilt”.


Block Quilts are the basic most quilts. It’s the perfect choice for the beginners. Block quilts have comparatively easy patterns and are used for normal daily use quilts.


Rich fabrics like silks, brocades and crepes are used to make certain assorted quilts. These quilts can not be used in daily routine. You can make a one to hang on the wall or use it as a throw on the sofa or bed.

You can get marvelous designs all around you for help with beginner quilting.

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