How to Make a Baby Clothes Quilt

How to quilt from baby clothes.

Learning how to make a baby clothes quilt will provide a lasting rememberance from when your child was young.

We all follow fashions from shoes to clothes, from carpets to colors, from patterns to stitches but few things are never out of fashion; such as baby quilts. Why?? Because these little angels do keep on coming every day, on earth, to enlighten our lives.

For a baby there is no better gift than something that is built with emotions, and the warmth of a motherly heart. Quilting is an immensely creative art, as there is no limit for the imagination. While making a quilt there are hundreds of ideas jumping into one's mind to make the quilt look absolutely different from every other quilt that has ever been created.

Making a baby clothes quilt is a very unique way to recycle old baby clothes and provide a lasting memory. Another idea would be to combine baby clothes and pictures to create a unique photo and baby clothes quilt It is very obvious that baby quilts demand more attention and more care while choosing the patterns, fabrics, batting and every minor detail of it.

Making a baby clothes quilt is just like making quilts from any other fabric, the only difference is the source of the fabric. Instead of buying it from the fabric stores, you can make quilts out of baby’s own clothes.

Quilts made from baby clothes can be categorized into two major types, the first ones which are made for babies and the others that are made for adults from their baby clothes. How I got this idea? My mother used to store pieces from my baby clothing, and when I was 10, she made me quilt made from my own baby clothes and I was astonished yet excited and emotional. But make sure the fabric scraps you store are not worn out and old as they can ruin all your efforts.

But when making it for a baby, with the scraps of his/her own clothes, you still have to take care of some important points. Never overlook these issues or your child would never be comfortable in the quilt. Do keep them in mind before making the quilts. And these points are:

1. It should be made of pure materials preferably cotton. Even if synthetic material is used in piecing, do not forget to use soft cotton for lining, as baby skin is sensitive and synthetic fabric can cause allergies.

2. Do not use fabrics as denim and ragged clothes.

3. Use fast colors and tough fabric as it needs frequent washing.

4. Use more natural batting; it will be helpful in keeping baby warm.

5. Do not hang add ons, as babies will tend to hold them and pull them. It can even hurt their fragile skin.

6. Keep it in simple patterns and light colors. Light colors are easy to spot any dirt spot or any stain, so they can be washed as soon as they get dirty.

7. While doing embroidery from baby clothes, use soft threads and simple and small motifs.

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