How To Make an Applique Quilt

Applique quilts are fun to make. It's like whole world stitched together on a piece of fabric. Applique quilts usually are representative of certain memories, collections and assorted fabric combinations.

Applique quilts can be difficult and can be the easiest of all as they can be made without a specific pattern requirement. I love making applique quilts as they need less fabric, and are a wonderful way to use up scraps. You can combine so many quilt types even, but only in an appliqué quilt. Appliqué quilts give you an incredible opportunity to prove your innovation and your creativity.

Learning how to make an appliqué quilt is the best way to learn new methods. Making yoyos, creating 3D effects by stuffing batting in, picture fabrics and embroidery methods all can be tried and even learnt while making an appliqué patterns. Appliqué quilts are great to make as these can be made for anyone; boy or girl, baby or grandparents, pet or picnic. So now you might be considering how to make appliqué quilt, here you can have your answer.

SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENTS: (For more info refer Tools & Equipment for Beginner Quilting)

• Standard sewing machine

• Iron

• Sewing needles - Universal size 12

• Rotary cutter

• Rotary ruler

• Cutting mat

• Pins- beaded head

• Needles

• Fabrics in colors of your choice or fabric scraps.

• Fabric for lining or backpack

• Quilt batting

• Spray starch

• Pattern or a lay out for appliqué quilt

• Add ons and printed fabric pictures.


1) Preparing the fabric: Prewash the fabrics separately. Make sure that colors are fast and the fabrics don't shrink. Now dry the fabric completely and iron it afterwards with adding the spray starch to fabric. The fabric should be completely dry and firm without wrinkles.

2) Cutting of fabric: You can make pieces of fabrics as par pattern requirements or your own choice. The first time when I made the appliqué quilt, I used plain black background to add various fabric flowers I made for appliqué. Even you can make the same quilt; it looks great in winters for young girls. But is you have any other pattern you can cut the fabric according to that.

3) Making a Block: Now stitch them together to form a big square, the Block. Now sew all the pieces to form the same blocks. Make sure to follow the pattern guide. I'm telling you the procedure in general so that everyone can learn.

4) Piecing: Now sew all the blocks to each other until you get the desired size of the quilt. At this stage you can do add the things you want on it like an old earring, an old jewellery piece or anything of your desire.

5) Batting: Place the chosen batting material above the piecing. The top of the piecing should be facing the mat and the stitched side should get along the batting. Now place the lining fabric over it. Batting comes in varied forms and thicknesses, choose according to your fabric and quilt types.

6) Quilting: Now you have to stitch all three layers to each other with the help of the sewing machine. You can add quilting patterns but for a beginner it is advisable to stitch around the basic blocks, all over the quilt.

7) Binding: Now bind all the sides with a piece of the fabric. And your appliqué quilt is ready now.

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