How to Make a Baby Quilt

How to make a baby quilt

Learning how to make baby quilts is a very enjoyable pasttime. Often times, the quilters are grandmothers or grandmothers to be. Why?? Because they want their beloved grandchildren to also enjoy the comfort and warmth of soft home made quilts. Though the markets are full of factory made quilts and they even are affordable, they are no replacement to the love that is woven in every stitch Grandma took.

I really love watching cute little babies in soft, plush and colorful quilts.

Baby quilts are not only limited to grandmothers, mothers, mothers to be, aunts and anyone can make quilts for babies or as baby gifts. If you are planning to make a baby quilt from clothes do keep the following things in mind:

1. It should be made of pure materials preferably cotton. Even if synthetic material is used in piecing, do not forget to use soft cotton for lining, as baby skin is sensitive and synthetic fabric can cause allergies.

2. Do not use fabrics as denim and ragged clothes.

3. Use fast colors and tough fabric as it needs frequent washing.

4. Use natural, organic batting if possible; it will be helpful in keeping baby warm.

For any baby quilting project, the selection of the pattern and the design holds the chief most position. The accurate choice of pattern can make any project to excel above the top. Quilting is a very vast craft. From dozens of quilt types to hundreds of quilt patterns are obtainable. The main art is the selection of the right baby quilting and embroidery pattern; the rest is just the completion of the fun that started.

Initially the beginners should try making the prefabricated patterns for quilts and once when the person gets into quilting more, creating your own design with the personal touch becomes easier.

There are few types of quilts that are extensively used all over the world.

There are baby quilting embroidery kits are widely available,to easily make baby quilts in super stores, in markets, in craft stores, online and on home delivery orders.

Now the question comes, how to make baby quilts. It is not difficult at all. Futhermore, there are just so many resources when it comes to online baby quilt pattern. If you have already done a quilting project than it is just another project with different dimensions, but for those who have not done any of the quilting, then I can tell you.

REQUIREMENTS TO MAKE BABY QUILT: (For more info refer Tools & Equipment for Beginner Quilting)

• Fabrics for piecing and lining

• Batting

• Threads

• Scissors

• Sewing machine

• Iron

• Sewing needles

• Rotary cutter

• Rotary ruler

• Cutting mat

• Pins- plastic or glass beaded head

• Needles

• Spray starch

• Pattern for a baby quilt


1. Purchase 3 yards of cotton. Choose coordinating colors and patterns. You can blend solid colors with each other or you can make combinations in printed ones or even in plain colors. Nursery prints are great to stitch baby quilts. Buy all the other supplies you need, as well.

2. Prewash the fabrics separately. Make sure that colors are fast and the fabrics don't shrink. Now dry the fabric completely and iron it afterwards with adding the spray starch to fabric. The fabric should be completely dry and firm without wrinkles.

3. Now cut the fabrics according to the pattern. Do piecing, batting, quilting and lining just as the other quilts.

4. Do binding all around the quilt, you can even add some silk ribbons over the binding in contrast colors, it looks really awesome.

Baby quilts are great to make as we can make any type of quilt for this purpose. Yoyos, photo quilts, appliqués, everything looks great with the baby quilts. Try making a block quilts with a row of yoyos all around the margins, just before the binding fabrics. You will love it!!!. You can even search online for more free baby quilting patterns or just simple patterns to complement your embroidery projects.

How to Make Baby Quilt From Baby Clothes

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