Quilts from Art Auctions

If you are looking for ideas for your next project, check out quilts from art auctions. A recent quilting art auction in California was laden with unique quilts. For those looking for enticing, new models, this was the place to discover numerous quilts which had been so carefully planned and stitched.

One such amazing quilt on the display dated back from Civil War, depicting the Blazing Stars design. The quilt's center was represented by a quilted heart hand while the appliqué work was made from red and green borders.

Another arts exhibition that recently took place was in San Bruno, where a 1860 quilt was displayed. This one used hand appliquéd technique, combining red, green and cheddar cotton solid colors on a white background which portraying the meandering aspect of a flower vine. The quilt was a rare visual pleasure.

In Rancho Cucamonga, there was also a type of quilt which seemed very interesting, the Victorian Crazy Quilt which gathered embroidery on the blocks and on every seam. The complexity of this quilt made it so special.

Another art auction which has been featured in these months was in Napa, where a quilt from Lancaster, PA made back in the 1870s was displayed. This quilts used the Ocean Waves pattern, the background being from a beautiful cadmium orange color, while the chain displayed earth greens and embroidered triangles, of a chocolate brown colors, which had been carefully put there with such skill.

In an art auction held in Paradise, a thin Quaker quilt made from cotton, originally in the 1840s, measured one hundred and eight inches per eighty eight inches and been stitched ten times in a period of just one inch. This Quaker quilt was designed for a wedding, and has a blue print near the pillows on the top. It also has two layers of the North Carolina Lily patterns centrally positioned and the rows face each other outwards.

What made quilts to initially appear in art auctions was probably the desire of some rich people to put to auction part of their heritages that were passed on from generation to generation. The quilts made from Quaker patterns were quilts once inherited throughout the times by generations and were then put to auction.

The Log Cabin design is also a popular design among quilters, and the elder generations especially liked this type to give it as testimonies of time. Log cabin quilts were recently displayed at the Los Gatos auction, some quilts there being made in the 19th century by the Mennonites

Some Log cabin quilts displays a various array of embroidered bars on, ranging from a couple of green bars, to blue, red and cinnamon ones all displayed in an organized fashion to reproduce as accurately as possible the log motif. A centered red square is also sewn, displaying white and black stripes, yellow stripes, peppermint and Lancaster blue bars.

A recent auction was held in Huntington Beach, which also featured quilts and the displays were more than enticing. One such quilt had pictorial motives, resembling those from album quilts and interesting designs were sewn on the quilts. Each block featured on it was different from the other and the quilt had a nice overall effect.

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