Hoffman Fabrics

There are many reasons Hoffman Fabrics are a beloved choice of quilters everywhere.

For quilting lovers, choice of fabric is often the most important thing they need to consider because the final outcome of their quilting work primarily depends on their choice of fabric, which will determine what the quilt will look like. Quilts that are considered to be unattractive are this way because the material often doesn't correctly highlight the work done with the fabric.

Therefore, specialized quilters have come to solve these issues by choosing only fabrics manufactured by reputed companies. One such company is the California based Hoffman Fabrics, which has established a network of devoted customers and has been working in the branch for almost 85 years.

If you visit with quilters, the name of Hoffman Fabrics will certainly come to light.
They specialize in selling cottons and blends for quilting but they also produce fabrics which are either dyed or hand-painted. For every new yearly selection, they produce two novel selections of fabric, which are labeled under the category 'colorful prints and Balis'. They also have groups of fabrics that match perfectly to make beautiful quilts.

Since their products are so popular and inspiring, it is no wonder that they are able to sell such a rich variety of fabrics and linen. The Hoffman Fabrics are thus a popular choice among quilting lovers and are a necessity when wanting to do some handcrafting. As a reward for their customers, the Hoffman Company has initiated a challenge that is annually held since 1987, which is a highly competative contest.

They also choose annually the designs to be featured in the Hoffman Fabrics Challenge for its customers. The selected fabrics are then used as raw materials for the original items that the contestants are expected to produce. Quilt-makers, designers for clothes and accessories as well as doll-makers compete to fabricate the most original designs in the contest and the successful ones to do so will be invited to visit galleries, museums, all sorts of shops and quilting guides.

For the first year when the competition was initiated 94 subscriptions were made. Nowadays, almost 700 subscriptions to participate in the contest are received each year, demonstrating the popularity of the challenge. Thanks to the existence of the challenge, a dozen of Hoffman collections travel within the United States and Canada.

Apart from the existence of the challenge, Hoffman Fabrics Company is also popularizing the quilting art worldwide and is presently collaborating with famed designs to create new, exciting pattern with the Hoffman fabrics. Designer McKenna Ryan is said to be thrilled to use these fabrics because their fabrics, especially for appliqué work, resist well the process of creations and are durable enough to prevent them from releasing frays. Also, the designer appreciates the high quality of the merchandise offered and the variegated displays of both color and texture of the fabrics. Everybody, from amateur quilters to designers are very happy with the quality of the services provided by the Hoffman company.

The long lasting history of the company should be probably credited to the family nature behind the business. From generations to generations, the daily work at Hoffman was transmitted farther and currently, three generations are working together to ensure the success of the company.

The interesting fabric designs stem probably from the variegated interests of the two brothers, Philip and Walter, who were the sons of the one who originally founded the company, and who were especially fond of the water and surfing. Therefore, when they came to the company, they implemented their love for water in the bold fabrics of the company, bringing the oceans, the beaches and surfing to the world of quilting.

Ever since then, they have encouraged bold and unusual prints on the fabrics and have thus given rise to the philosophy of the company. As a consequence, the two brothers brought the Hoffman Company closer to the world and to the world of quilting.

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