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A lovely, intricately designed quilt can make anybody think of taking a week off and making one for one’s own self. Colors in form of quilting fabric pieces joined together can make anybody’s world embellish with warmness and comfort. For anybody who has never done or seen quilting techniques before, it is very important to know the right thing to complete the project right on the spectrum. Here are the few quilting intructions for beginners should have to know before laying hands on the project beginning.


Simplicity is the basic key to the choosing quilting design. A simple pattern, with cotton fabric pieces, cotton threads and choice of basic quilt type helps greatly for the beginner to learn quickly with better precision and time management. For a beginner a simple block pattern or a bargello pattern should be kept as the open option. Intricate patterns like yoyo quilts should be avoided in the beginning. Use three to four colors initially. You can increase the number of colors with the experience.


Prewashing is very necessary. Prewashing helps you to exclude fabrics that can shrink or can loose color on washing. Prewashed fabrics are reliable to start working with. Just make sure that after washing the fabric is completely dried and ironed, before you can start cutting it into smaller pieces. Fabrics like cottons and linens should particularly prewashed.


It is very important for the beginner to get started with uncomplicated pattern and trouble-free quilt type. Keep it to the basic if you want it to complete. There’s certainly no doubt that intricate patterns look more appealing. But when a beginner starts it there are exceptional chances of not completing it as it should be. So stick to the simple, colorful and bold patterns.


Before starting the procedure, it is very important for the quilter especially for the beginners to have complete understanding of the quilting steps. Quilting can be divided into four steps in general; piecing, layering, quilting and binding. It is a very interesting fact to know that quilts are stitched from centre to outwards. Piecing is the main step. It is the top layer which determines the pattern.

Pieces of fabrics are stitched together in order to get a certain pattern. Layering is actually making the three layers to come together. These three layers are the top, batting and the underlining or backing.

Quilting involves attaching the three layers into one piece. You can use various stitches and details at this step. And in last comes the binding. As the name shows binding do the final touches to the quilt by adding a fabric trim all around to hide the ragged borders and fabric edges. You can choose a bold contrasting fabric for the binding.

Now that you are well aware of the initial steps, its time for you to get moving and buy quilting tools and equipments, so that you can start your dream quilt.

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