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Have you discovered RJR Fabrics for quilting?

Quilters who want to purchase only the best materials for their quilting work should discover RJR Fabrics for quilting. The company is renowned worldwide for the quality of its products and it caters very well the needs of all sorts of quilters. They are especially skilled in producing top-notch fabrics that reflect what the customers search for in them and numerous quilters are devoted customers to the company, because it offers top materials guaranteeing that il will give back your money if you are not satisfied with the product.

In an ever-changing market, it becomes difficult to find company that have withstood the test of time, however RJR represents one such company that has excelled in providing materials to the whole world even though the company has chosen not to embrace the ubiquitous chain stores all over the country.

The philosophy of RJR is to sell the products in small, intimate stores which keep a quiet and delicate atmosphere for the quilting lovers, in order to keep the mutual passion alive. Therefore, for not going mainstream, many similar smaller shops have been able to continue with their businesses thanks to the help they indirectly received from their larger competitors.

One of the reasons RJR Fabrics is credited with so much success is the standard quality of those who are working for the company. The famed fabric designer, Lynette Jensen is collaborating with them yearly, bringing six novel fabric collections per year. The designer also owns a business based in Minnesota, called the Thimbleberries, which is highly successful in fabricating and selling quilt patterns.

RJR Fabrics is also the workplace of the famous Jinny Beyer, a quilt designer, who has been collaborating with the RJR for several collections. She is their first designer who created a line designed only for quilting and also contributes yearly with three novel collections in the big family of patterns and designers. She is responsible for creating a collection of solids and many people admire her for being an inspirational and daunting designer who has never shied away from creating bold and stylish designs for future collections.

Designers at RJR Fabrics also include famed names such as Susan Branch, who is the creator of a quilting series of books and also the presenter of a renowned collection at RJR, named the Vineyard Watercolor Collection. Moreover, RJR is also working with Laura Heine, who is a recognized quilt artist being awarded a set of prizes.

She also possesses a quilt shop located in Montana and is the author of numerous pattern collections and designs. RJR have recently extended the team of designers with whom they are working, by going internationally and recruiting Cori and Myra, Canadian designers from a famed Canadian quilting company. The duo is responsible for creating several collections and they are the authors of bestselling books in the field.

To conclude with, the amazing team of designers with whom the RJR Fabrics Company are collaborating stands testimony to the quality and high recognition this company has been embracing for several years. RJR also organizes quilting shops and events to attract more customers and ensure the art of quilting is passed on from generations to generations.

With its bold and original designs, the company wants to attend to every possible customer need and ensure that quilt lovers receive the necessary opportunities to have the fabrics and materials they need to continue their crafting. Since the RJR is careful enough not to destroy competition by sticking to local, smaller stores, the customers are basically those who profit the most from this situation.

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